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Liberty Auto Carriers - Vehicle Shipping prices

Car Shipping is quite possibly the most competitive industry out there; you have you have hundreds of Vehicle Shipping brokers and hundreds of Car Moving carriers to select from. That being said, choosing the right Car Moving company can be challenging and knowing which price to go with is not easy either. First off, shipping a car is a service like any other service. And most people that are using a service want to know “how much will Carriers cost?” There is a lot to consider.

There is no standard Auto Transport rate and every Car Shipping company will quote give you a different price. The cost of Vehicle Shipping is determined on numerous factors. The following are things that you need to know before you select a Car Moving company.

Car Moving is a lot like other industries…the price you pay does not always equal value. The highest Car Moving quote may not be the best to go with. The opposite is true; the least expensive Auto Shipping company may be the best choice. You will find that everyone does things differently. The good news is that with some research, you can narrow your list of potential Carriers options to a more reasonable number.

Your Auto Transport price is set by a variety of simple factors. The first of which is vehicle type. Car Shipping prices are set with some common sense here; the larger the vehicle (the more room it takes up) may cost more. The vehicles that take up less space may likely cost less. If you have a big extended cab pickup and a Fiat, the Fiat will be less to ship.

So first we consider vehicle make and model. Your Vehicle Shipping price starts there, but after “factory” accessories will increase the Car Moving price. If your car has been raised or lowered, ground affects, neon running lights, winches and racks may require extra space and work you will pay for.

Next is the Auto Shipping origin and destination. Origin is the start and the Car Moving destination is the drop off location. Using common sense, the Car Moving price is set by the distance from pick up and drop off. Plus, where that is at; if Carriers trucks frequent the location, it will be less. Going off the “beaten trail” will cost you more. If you need to go from South Dakota to Vermont, common sense tells us that you will pay a higher priced than from California to Texas.

Next week look at timelines; in Auto Transport flexible equals savings! The more notice you give them the better because Car Shipping is very seasonal. If you are fortunate enough to fit into those seasons, your Car Shipping price will be more in your favor.

Finally, we have the Vehicle Shipping options you need. The farther from standard “open” Car Moving you go, the higher the price. Here are some options.

Enclosed Auto Shipping – shipping your car inside an enclosed Auto Shipping truck give you added protection but will cost you more

Expedited Carriers – “rush” jobs mean extra cost to you.

Inops Auto Transport – Inoperable cars (that don’t run) need assistance getting on the Car Shipping truck. This extra time will cost you.

There may be more Vehicle Shipping options for you to consider beyond these, but know that these are common ones and they will cost you more money. The above factors impact your Car Moving price. Each transport company will give you a different Auto Shipping price. Some time and research will tell you a ballpark Carriers price and you can choose from there.

Our Auto Transport agents stand ready to speak with you about your upcoming Car Shipping. If you choose to fill out a quote form, our Vehicle Shipping agent will call you soon.

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